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ElixLOGIC is a software company based in Odense, Denmark founded in 2015 by Jon Frydensbjerg.


August 18, 2017 - Two videos were uploaded to YouTube today demonstrating what I have been working on the past months: an implementation of Rapid and Accurate Image Super-Resolution (RAISR). This is a very exciting image upscaling algorithm which has many desirable properties - most importantly that the upscaled images are significantly less blurry than those produced by classic interpolation algorithms. High frequencies are clearly better preserved with RAISR upscaling, i.e. edges remain clearly defined and appear sharper.

I will continue development on this technology as there are plenty of issues and tasks still to be resolved. First of all by making an efficient implementation (a GPU implementation is a must for video upscaling) and then by creating commercial products. I'm also looking for people to join me on this journey - drop me a message if you are interested and have a passion for image processing and/or machine learning.

Note: Due to loss of quality introduced by YouTube re-encoding, my original MPEG-4 videos can be downloaded via the links below and viewed locally for the optimal experience. Enjoy!

Download original MPEG-4 video by clicking here (395 MB).

Download original MPEG-4 video by clicking here (215 MB).

March 13, 2017 - Tifoon, a free open source network ports monitoring application with various reporting capabilities has been released on GitHub. Check it out!

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